Doggie Daycare in Springfield, VA

Springfield is one of America’s most dog-friendly cities. That’s why we’re proud to help local pet parents by opening a brand new Springfield doggie daycare and boarding facility to serve local dog lovers. We’re one of the few doggie daycares to accept well-behaved, intact dogs. We also don’t discriminate by breed.

Our trainers and pack leaders adopt a unique approach to dog care that’s summed up in our motto: “We talk dog.” We’ve taken the time to get to know dogs and to understand them, which means we get some truly outstanding results. Dogs love coming to our facility, whether it’s for the day, for the week, for some quick training, or for grooming. All you have to do is sign up for a free behavior assessment.

We also know how big a challenge it can be for pet parents to know where their dogs will be welcome. That’s why we’ve put together this resource page. We want you to feel comfortable spending time with your dog all over town.

Dog Parks in Springfield, VA

Springfield is home to several beautiful dog parks. If your dog has been cleared for doggie daycare he should be okay for supervised play at the dog park, as well. Take him to any of the following locations to get him the exercise he needs on the days when you’re not bringing him to us:

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Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Springfield, VA

There aren’t as many dog-friendly restaurants in Springfield as you might find in Washington, DC or in our other location in Alexandria. Nevertheless, there are a few places where you can bring your dog to the outside tables. Keep in mind that restaurants do change their policies sometimes, so it’s always good to call ahead before you put your dog in the car.

Just make sure to bring your dog’s bowl and drink bowl to make sure he doesn’t feel too left out! Otherwise, you might encourage a new, bad begging habit by feeling guilty enough to offer some scraps up from your table.

Dog-Friendly Rental Properties in Springfield, VA

One of the biggest reasons why pet owners surrender dogs is because they end up having to move into a place which does not allow them. We’re going to help you avoid that fate by giving you a nice list of all of the local rental properties that are a-okay with providing a home for our canine friends and their parents.

  • Saratoga Square offers dog friendly apartments without weight limits. However, they don’t allow pit bulls or pit bull mixes.
  • Springfield Station allows large dogs as well as small dogs. Their website does not list any breed restrictions.
  • Springfield Gardens allows dogs. There are breed and weight restrictions; you’d have to call to find out their current requirements.

This website lists a variety of pet-friendly rental homes, townhouses, and privately-owned apartment properties which you won’t necessarily find by picking up your local apartment guide. It will help you find a variety of additional options so that you can score yourself a dog-friendly home. Check back often to increase your chances of finding the home that’s right for you.

Don’t forget to look for an apartment that’s close to our facilities! If you’re looking for a rental home, there’s a good chance you won’t have enough space to give your dog all the exercise and stimulation he really needs. Enrolling him in our doggie daycare is a safe bet for ensuring he gets just that.

What our clients say about us

Outdoor GRASSY play area!

5 5 1
We've been going to Reserved Barking SPRINGFIELD for a few months now and have had such a great experience. Great, friendly staff, the facility is very nice and clean and they're one of the few, if only doggy facilities, to have an outdoor GRASSY play area! This was a huge selling point for me as nicer weather is coming and I want my dog to be able to be outdoors and not in a big indoor warehouse all day like some other local doggy daycares. It's really comforting to know that my dog is in good hands!

I cannot put a price tag on this experience!

5 5 1
During the informational visit with Bryan, I told him that my 9 month old lab was hopeless (she has dragged me on the ground quite a few times during our walks, goes crazy around other dogs and people). She is crazy, full of energy, I cant even begin to tell you how crazy she is!!!. We just got done with 3rd weekly one hour training. She walks like a champ and runs with me. She has been well mannered around other dogs and our neighbors. She sits by our front porch with my 3 and 5 year old boys while they play and is very respectful of kids who come to say hello. Tonight, I found her laying with my 5 year old in bed. Three weeks ago, she would have woken him up by jumping and licking his face like a mad dog. Bryan was so patient with the kids and our neighbor's kid with training. I have thrown so many obstacles his way because my expectation were way up high, I even made a list. 3 training sessions and she has been unbelievably wonderful! I have 2 more left, I dont know what else is instore for her but this has been amazing. I cannot put a price tag on this experience. I have always wished for a dog like her. it is a lot of work but it is worth all of it. I am pretty sure I can take her anywhere and she could experience a lot of things with me and my boys because she is one well behaved Lab!

Pricing is also competitive, with great discount

5 5 1
I recently moved from Old Town to Springfield and was delighted to find out that Reserved Barking was opening a second location in Springfield. The facility is really top notch with two large indoor spaces (one for large dogs, one for small dogs) and a really good sized fenced in lot for outdoor play. I take my dog at least once a week (usually twice a week) and he comes home worn out and happy every time. Reserved Barking has a top notch staff and a really welcoming management team. They really care about the animals and it's so easy to tell. Pricing is also competitive, with great discount for multi-day packages. I could not recommend this place any higher.

Finding our Facilities

We are located at 7500 Fullerton Rd. between Angus Ct. and Boston Blvd. in Springfield, VA. We are across the street from the Metro Sealant & Waterproofing Supply and down the street from International Gourmet Foods and the Cervantes Coffee Roasters. Our spacious facility is ready to accommodate your best friend!

All you have to do is sign up for a free evaluation. We’ll see how well your dog does with other dogs, as well as with human handlers. If your dog doesn’t pass the evaluation on his first try, don’t worry. We’ll be happy to customize a training plan which will make it easy for him to pass evaluations like this one in the future. Making better canine citizens is what Reserved Barking is all about.


7500 Fullerton Road
Springfield, VA — 22153
(driving directions)

703 337-4777