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“Our dog absolutely loves it here. He now knows the word “daycare” and will perk up and run to the door if we tell him that’s where he’s going. The days he gets to go play with his puppy friends are his favorite. The staff is welcoming and clearly loves the dogs who come- we’re always greeted by name with a friendly smile and lots of pets for our pup. At the end of the day when we pick him up, he’s exhausted and happy, and always gives his caretakers goodbye kisses, so it’s clear they’ve been affectionate and taken good care of him while we were at work. Daycare here is the best money we spend all week. We also use their boarding services occasionally and their grooming services (for nail clipping)- it’s very nice to have an all in one stop for everything our dog needs that we can’t do.”

—Mary Henderson

“Awesome place! Pups come home refreshed. Staff is very friendly — they love their job and it shows!”

— Dan Whalen

“We have been taking our dogs to Reserved Barking for 4 1/2 years for daycare and boarding. The dogs love it. We love happy dogs. We love Reserved Barking.”

— Mark Wollschlager

“My dog loves this place! She can’t wait to get in the door, and always comes home tired – saying a lot for a very high energy dog. Super friendly staff with easy drop off and pick up. Best doggie day care the area at a great price!”

— Manne Blanco


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“Not only did I rescue my puppy Trager from an adoption event that was hosted by Reserved Barking, he absolutely loves going to daycare there! It can be a rough transition adopting a young rescue, but bringing him to Reserved Barking has made it seamless. He was with 7 other dogs in his foster home, so daycare provides him with that much needed pack socialization. He is so tired and happy after daycare, it has eliminated most unwanted behavior. Reserved Barking is a dream for both myself and Trager. Trager loves making new friends there, and it provides me peace of mind that he is good hands and guilt free work days :-)”

— Caitlin Rice.

“With my only day off, Reserved Barking was the only place nearby that could accommodate. My little Yorkshire Terrier, Lexi, had fleas and a horrible haircut that need to be treated and fixed right away. Within an hour, she came out well-groomed, happy and playful with all the staff.”

— Emily D.

Yelp | 5 Stars

“I’ve been using Reserved Barking to board my dog several times a year for the past three years. I have had nothing but positive experiences. The arrangement where the dogs have doggie day care during the day and then board overnight has been just right for my dog. She used to board at the vet and would come home stressed out and unhappy. When she comes home from Reserved Barking she is tired but happy. When I drop her off she runs to the door and greets the handlers. That never happened with any other place I’ve boarded her.”

— Tina S.

Yelp | 5 Stars

“We can not say enough good things, and if Sully could talk, he’d probably tell you how much he loves it, too. How do we know that? Well, anytime we get close in the car, he stands up and gets very alert, tiny terrier nub-of-a-tail wagging. As soon as we pull into the parking lot he gets crazy excited and starts jumping at the windows like a wild man. He nearly pulls my arm out of socket on the leash, pulling to get inside. He greets the workers the same way he greets his own people- that has to be a good sign.”

— Amy B

Yelp | 5 Stars

“I’ve used theirs services a few times (like once a month) since moving to the area, and each time I’ve had zero issues with their timeliness and drop off/pick up. My dogs came out clean, appeared to have been brushed, and overall didn’t seem to mind getting their dreaded baths. The place is also military friendly which is always a plus.”

— Jan S.

Yelp | 4 Stars

“Bilal (the owner) obviously understands dog behavior and there has already been a noticeable difference in Wilbur since he started going to day care.  Wilbur has also boarded at the center while the a/c is out and when I stopped by to bring more food, I was so glad to see that he is happy and well cared for.  He was so happy to see me but was also happy to return for more play, which is all I can ask for!  Thank you Reserved Barking!”

— Bonnie F.

Yelp | 5 Stars


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