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Questions our Clients Ask Frequently
What are the benefits of bringing my dog to daycare?

Expel energy, socialization, basic behavior correction/practicing commands, emotional and mental stimulation.

Does my dog have to be put in daycare or do you all offer traditional kenneling as well?

All of our boarding dogs are put in to daycare; the off-leash, open play daycare environment is what sets us apart from traditional kennels!

Can my dog just get a bath or do you only offer grooming packages?

We offer bath/dry-off/brush-out services as an add-on for daycare and boarding dogs. Dogs under 40 pounds are $30 and dogs over 40 pounds are $35.

Do you accept all breeds?


Do you require pack members to be spayed/neutered after a certain age?

No. However we do recommend that you spay/neuter your dogs when they are of age to help alleviate the problem of overpopulation of dogs.

My dog isn’t crate trained, is that a problem?

We do crate dogs during lunch/nap time and overnight. It is not a problem if they don’t come to us crate trained, often our pack members who never see a crate at home are just fine with it after their first couple times here, it becomes part of their routine at RB!

What do you do in case of an incident?

Depending on the severity of the incident, we have staff who are trained to administer first aid on-site. If the dog needs to see a medical professional immediately, we will take them to the emergency veterinary clinic and contact the owner.

Are you able to administer medications?

Yes, our staff is trained to administer any medications that would routinely be given at home — at no extra charge 🙂

My dog has dietary restrictions/allergies. How do you all handle that?

We only give our pack members food and treats that are brought by the owner to avoid any negative reactions to food and we keep dogs separate from each other during feeding times. Additionally, we make note of all special requirements in the dog’s record to ensure that all necessary dietary information is available to the staff.

Do I have to make a reservation for my dog to be able to come for daycare or boarding?

We prefer boarding dogs to have a reservation, especially during holidays when we are busiest. We do not require reservations for daycare, but do take them, considering that during busy times it is possible to fill up!

Can I make daycare and boarding reservations online?

Yes! Once your dog has been successfully evaluated, you will receive your unique login credentials that you may use to schedule daycare and/or boarding on your computer or handheld devices via our client portal.

Is my dog left alone at night when boarding?

No, we have an attendant on-site at all times. They do not stay in the room with them overnight, but someone is always at the facility in case of any emergencies.

Will my dog be crated on weekends and holidays when the front desk may be closed?

No! Our boarding dogs are able to enjoy the regular daycare schedule every day of the year regardless of the front desk hours.

If I drop off at the very end of the day for boarding, am I still charged for daycare?

If you drop off after 5PM or pick up before 9AM, you will not be charged for a daycare day.

What qualifications does your trainer have?

Brian attended the Military Working Dog Kennel Handler course at Lackland Air Force Base, TX in 1998. He trained working dogs supporting Air Force One, The President, Vice President and many other VIP’s. He started training pets in 2004.

What are the benefits of puppy training classes?

The classes are designed to get your new puppy started off on the right paw. In our classes the basic obedience will be covered: sit, down, stay, come, leave it, off and other commands. The class is a mix of training and puppy socializing. Our classes are limited to six puppies and owners, so each owner and puppy can get the most out of the class.

What are the benefits of private training lessons?

Our private training lessons are designed for real life. The training lessons are conducted in your neighborhood where you are walking on a daily basis. Training will cover: sit, down, stay, come, place, heel, off, leave it and others. These training lessons can also be conducted around town in different locations. Brian’s favorite area to train is Old Town Alexandria.

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