Doggie Daycare in Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, like most of the DC Metro area, is a great place to raise a dog. You’ll find plenty of spacious dog parks. There are lots of rental properties, restaurants, and other businesses who are happy to accept your pooch on their premises. This makes our area of the country somewhat unique. Not many places love dogs like we do!

That’s why we are proud to be a local doggie daycare, boarding, training, and grooming facility. Our goal is to help support dog owners throughout the Alexandria area with all the services they need to raise happy, healthy dogs. We began as a small, 2,900 square foot facility and later expanded into a 15,000 square foot indoor-outdoor daycare over time. We’ve been able to create a facility that’s safe, scrupulously clean, and a ton of fun for dogs of all ages, stages, sizes, and breeds.

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Even in Alexandria, dogs are not welcome everywhere. That’s why we thought we’d take a moment to put together this resource page. We want to help you enjoy time with your dog as you’re enjoying Alexandria’s amazing urban lifestyle.


Dog Parks in Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is home to 17 dog parks and exercise areas. Note a “dog park” is a fenced area where you can allow your dog to enjoy off-leash play, and an “exercise” area is an unfenced area where it is best to keep your dog on a leash. It’s also important to know the rules and regulations of any dog park you choose to visit. You can find the full list of dog parks, exercise areas, and rules by visiting this link.

The city also announces public meetings related to dog park usage on that page, so make sure to check back often if you want to get a chance to weigh in on these issues.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Alexandria, VA

There are plenty of cool restaurants all over town where you and your pooch can enjoy a bite together. Do keep in mind that you might want to wait for a sunny day to visit many of these establishments, as several of them only allow dogs outside. It’s also a good idea to call the restaurant before going, as policies do change. Here are four of the most dog-friendly options in town:

  • Jackson 20 –  This restaurant actually has a “dog happy hour!”
  • La Refuge – French Restaurant… Ooh la la!
  • The Dairy Godmother –  This Alexandria institution even creates puppy pops so both you and your dog can enjoy a cold treat.
  • Buzz Bakery and Cafe – Need a pick-me-up while you’re out walking your dog? This coffee shop will hit the spot.

Need more options? Visit this link for a comprehensive list.

Dog-Friendly Rental Properties in Alexandria, VA

In many cities, looking for a dog-friendly place to live is an exercise in frustration. But not in Alexandria, where there are lots of great options to choose from. As with restaurants, however, it’s a good idea to call and double check on the most recent policies.

Don’t like any of these options? There are others! Many private landlords offer dog-friendly rentals as well.

What our clients say about us

Our dog loves it!

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We've been bringing our dog to Reserved Barking since she was a puppy, which was right around the time it opened. She loves it! We just boarded her overnight recently for Halloween and only paid $16 since they were running a special for dogs who have trouble with Halloween. The staff is always gracious, helpful and accommodating. Sometimes when I bring her in for daycare, I'll also have them trim her nails and it's only $10 extra or so, since I'm afraid to do it myself!

Excellent place to take yours dogs to

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Reserved Barking is an excellent place to take yours dogs to. Their time is flexible, the staff there are amazing! Taking your dog to this place is like having them in your own home. They give great hospitalization, great feedback of your dogs stay & excellent pricing. They provide other services such as Training, Grooming & Boarding. You can't go wrong with Reserved Barking, they follow customers requests, they keep you updated on anything & everything there is for you to know. They welcome any & every breed which is the best part of this place. Some doggy daycares do not accept American Pit Bulls, but they do. They give you a warm welcome when you first arrive, nothing best then to know your dog will be safe & comfortable. This is why I chose Reserved Barking, because it makes you and your dog feel just right. 🙂

Happy puppy, happy owners!

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Reserved Barking's trainer Brian worked with us and our dog to teach her to be off-leash, be a fantastic running partner, and have manners in a multitude of situations. He noticed our dogs inability to focus on training past 20 min and added in mini-play sessions to break things up. We're able to take her to unfenced dog parks and trust she will stay within bounds using commands. She learned both verbal and hand commands that have come in handy. Happy puppy, happy owners! When we get our next dog, we will contact him again!

Finding our Facility

We are located at 6404 Telegraph Road in Alexandria near the Highland Park Pool. We are also up the street from the Lee District Park. Stop on in and see us!

Not sure your dog will behave while you bring him around to all of these fantastic locations? Call us. We can create a fully customized training program just for your dog. We’re passionate about helping your pup become the best canine citizen he can be!

6404 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA — 22310
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